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Classic Thai Massage

The classic Thai Massage is a way to relax and revive you. Pressure is applied to the muscle and some gentle stretching will reinvigorate you.

60 minutes                                                              £40.00  

30 minutes                                         £25.00



Aromatherapy Massage 

 This gentle and soothing massages uses the therapeutic qualities of aromatic natural oriental oils to allow the healing properties, percolating effectively as a spiritual healing mechanism.

 90 minutes                                                              £60.00

60 minutes                                                              £40.00

30 minutes                                                            £25.00


Hot Stone Massage 

Using hot stones to get deep into the muscles, good for helping banish those Winter blues.

 75 minutes                                          £60.00

Deep Tissue Massage 

Used to get deeper into the muscles a strong massage helping to relieve tension and give relief from muscle aches.

60 minutes                                                            £45.00

30 minutes                                                            £30.00

 Head  and Shoulder Massage       

Working on the neck and shoulders to relieve tension, neck and shoulder pain 

60 minutes                                                              £40.00

30 minutes                                                              £25.00 


Full Body Scrub

30 minutes body scrub with sea salt then followed by shower then 60 minutes relaxing with aroma oil massage 

90 minutes                                           £75.00

Facial Massage

Working on the face and head to help release stress and help tone the facial muscles. 

60 minutes                                                                   £40.00

30 minutes                                                                    £25.00


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